How To Resolve Freezing Issues In IE?

Internet Explorer was the most popular web browser once. But it is no longer so, thanks to the numerous errors in the browser. However, a lot of people continue to use this browser on their Windows machines. If you are an IE user and is faced with Windows Explorer has stopped working error on account of the browser, do not worry. Here are a few steps you can work out on your own and fix the issue.

Clear IE Cache

It has been noted that the cache stored in the Internet Explorer browser is behind a number of problems such as frequent freezing or crashing or hanging. These issues occur in IE irrespective of the operating system it is installed on. As a first step to troubleshoot this issue, remove IE cache. There are two different methods to clear IE cache. The first one is clearing it from the IE settings, which is more straightforward and easy to perform. The other method requires you to remove the cached data from your IE web browser via the Disk Cleanup tool.

Once you have cleared out the cached data, run a full system scan. This will help you detect and remove potential virus threats from the PC. After the removal of potential virus threats, you would be required to restart your PC. Make sure that you do so because the restart would enable your machine to initiate the changes you made in the settings immediately.

Set your browser to the default settings

Following the virus scan and removal of all the potential viruses, reset the browser to the default settings. For this, launch your browser and navigate to the Tools menu. Select Internet Options from the resulting dropdown menu followed by Security. Ensure that you do the reset for all zones. Restart your browser and check the issue. The issue should be resolved by now in most cases. However, there is a chance for the issue to persist. In case it does, open the browser without add-ons. If the browser performs without any problems, you can conclude that a problematic add-on is the culprit. Pinpoint the add-on that is causing the issue and disable it. This should fix the issue for good.

With the above troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve the Windows Explorer has stopped working error caused by the browser. Get in touch with our support desk in case you are in need of any additional help.

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