How To Fix Windows Explorer Crashes

Windows explorer is an easily overlooked part of the OS, but when it stops working, much of your operations can falter. It is usually then you realize that this component held up not just the file browsing, but also the taskbar and start menu. This is why people dread to see the ‘Windows Explorer has stopped working’ error message.

This is a common thing if you have intensive making up the repertoire, and also considering how many related experiences are aired online. You see such accountings on support forums, placing people performing different file operations when their specific Windows Explorer crash happened. With all that in mind, let us look at some of the best troubleshooting steps to take when you face the same issue.

Do a file check

This will see if there are missing or corrupted files in the OS, and make sure that only those with correct file versions are in use. It is useful when dealing with data corruption and malicious attacks, either of which can make unauthorized changes to the files vital to OS functioning.

  • Go to Start and type in cmd. Right click exe and choose Run as administrator. Give the password if you are asked, and hit Continue.
  • When the command line window appears, type in Sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

Scan the Disk

One of the factors that can lead to an Explorer crash is bad formatting on the disks. There may not be anything wrong with the files or folders, but if the disk sectors are in disarray, you are heading towards a problem. Scan the drive partitions using the native tool, which Windows provides for just this purpose.

  • Go to Start and proceed to My Computer. Right click the drive that you need to check for errors, and select Properties from the options shown.
  • Move to the Tools tab and hit the Check Now button under the Error-checking
  • Leave both options selected before hitting Start. Leave the check operation scheduled so that you know it will be performed regularly, or on the next startup.

Another way to avoid the ‘Windows Explorer has stopped working’ error message is to do regular updates of the OS. You can get access the feature along Start > All Programs > Windows Update. This also opens up the provision for software updates, and make sure you have all hardware, including regular peripherals, connected at the time.

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