Upgrading to three Monitors on Dell

If multitasking is your cup of choice then you certainly require more screen space. This could be achieved by integrating more number of monitors on a single dell computer. Normally computers come up with a provision for updating the screen space with two monitors but if you wish to add in a third screen space you must look forward for a hardware update.  The reasons

  • Zero upgrade ability
  • Physical limitations

Limits dell desktops from integrating in a third monitor, but the windows operating system powering the dell computers comes in with the provision for three-monitor support built in

Instructions from the windows 7 support crew

  • Make sure that the system with which you are working with meets required physical requirements for a three monitor support. Under normal conditions you will need a two video cards running one following the other fashion with at least three outputs between them or a single video card with three monitor output plugs. You can read through the video card manual to cross check the possibility of multiple screens. In most cases dell desktops require a video card upgrade to work well.
  • Now it’s the connecting part. Turn off your P.C and connect each monitor to the power supply and system’s video output. Arrange the monitors as per your requirements. Windows 7 support different screen arrangements stacking horizontally and vertically.
  • Turn on the monitors, under normal conditions it would replicate the display across the screens or may activate only one monitor.
  • Now open the control panel settings and select the option for display and select the option for classic view or icon view. Save in the settings buy clicking Change Display Settings.
  • Click on the screen labeled 2 in the panel display. Choose the option Extend these displays in the drop down menu. Repeat the same step for the screen named on the panel display. You can also customize the screen resolution of each of the computer screens.
  • Click on the identify button. Once done, note the number assignments springing up on the screens. Drag and set the monitor icons to match the arrangements of the physical monitors. Click, apply once you have finished and move the cursor everywhere to make sure it is working well.

Follow the instructions to take multi tasking a level more.

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