Tips For Customizing The Windows 7 PC

Here we discuss some simple tips for customizing your Windows 7 computer. This includes tips on how to change the desktop background, changing themes, icons etc. If you do wish to change the desktop background to a specific image, follow the tips given below from Windows 7 help team for accomplishing it. Tips For Changing Desktop Background … Read more

Procedure Change Your Account Picture In Windows 7

The world’s largest software maker developed, created and licensed Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista and the presently popular edition, Windows 7. After Windows XP, Windows 7 is the most popular operating system, used by a majority of the people computer users in the world. The operating system has many wonderful features, which are … Read more

How To Speed Up Your Windows 7 PC

A slow running system can be very frustrating as it can affect the way you work on your system and prove to be a hindrance to your work. There are different causes for your system to slow down. Only by finding an appropriate fix for these problems will you be able to run it in … Read more

Starting Off With Windows 7

Logging onto a Windows 7-installed laptop is not a big task for many of us. However, for those who have not been exposed to a Windows running machine, a basic Windows help tutorial is necessary. This especially so in today’s scenario as there are multiple Operating Systems like Linux and Apple OS for the desktops … Read more

GIF Support in Windows operating system

Graphical Interchange Format or GIF is the most popular digital image formats. GIF images support only 256 colors, which make them ideal for the display of line art, charts, graphs, and text. This format is widely used in World Wide Web. If the graphic design program is uninstalled from the Windows computer, the saved GIF … Read more