Starting A Surface Tablet In Safe Mode

The year 2012 saw the release of Windows 8 and the Surface tablet. Both these Microsoft products were released and they got good response from many users. Surface tablet was introduced in attractive colors. You could get them in hot pink, red, blue and the new user interface was the major highlight, which made Surface different from other tablets. This tablet proved useful to a number of users as it could be used like a laptop whenever they wish.

It is quite natural to find problems with the hardware from a software company and the same was encountered by Surface tablets. The Surface tablet problems that were reported include the weaker battery life, the apps that were quite confusing and lack of ecosystem. These were the basic demerits possessed by Surface tablet. Even though there are many Surface tablet problems, these were the main cons including a few others.

If you encounter any Surface tablet problems, you could definitely troubleshoot the same in the Safe mode. A majority of problems get fixed when operated in the Safe mode. Sometimes your tablet might suffer from a virus or malware attack and it is always safe to do the troubleshooting in the safe mode as it helps to ensure safety of all the applications and simultaneously ensures that your computer is functional.  Accessing safe mode in Surface tablet is more or less similar to that of accessing safe mode in Windows 8.

Let us check out the instructions that will help you to start Surface tablet in safe mode.


  • On the right edge of your Surface tablet, you need to swipe from right to the charms bar, and then tap Settings.
  • Now tap Change PC settings.
  • On the left portion of your screen, you need to tap General and that should be below PC Settings.
  • Now on the right side of Advanced Startup, tap Restart Now. This will help you to reboot your Surface tablet and you will find the option to selection an option screen.
  • Select Troubleshoot and then select Startup Settings.
  • To get your tablet reboot to the Startup Settings screen, select Restart and tap Safe Mode.
  • This will help you start your computer in Safe Mode.

You need to follow these different steps for starting your Surface tablet in the Safe Mode. Any concerns regarding the same can be fixed by contacting the Microsoft help and support team.

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