Unbeatable Features Of Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free internet browser application that is increasingly gaining popularity in the market. It is developed to serve Windows, Mac, as well as Linux systems, with peerless speed and consistency. Mozilla Firefox support center highlights a few points to note while working with the Firefox browser, which would help in enhancing the browsing experience further.

Update the web browser

Updating Mozilla Firefox browser to the latest version guarantees its productivity and performance with the top-trending design language. Mozilla Firefox support center suggests installing a genuine browser version defined for your operating system instead of using beta versions.

Alter the History settings

Mozilla Firefox browser is set to save your web-browsing history for 90 days by default. Setting a smaller period to remember history can improve browsing speed significantly. To do the same, navigate to the Tools menu and click on Options. Open Privacy tab and set the desired period to remember history from 60, 30, 15, or even 0 days.

Alter the Home Page Settings

Mozilla Firefox employs a specific version of Google search engine as its default home page. You can alter the home page to any desired webpage for ease of access, or set it blank for faster start up. To alter the home page, go to the Tools menu and select Options. Click on the Main tab, and enter a desired website URL under Home Page. If you want to set a blank home page instead, enter about:blank in the box, and restart your internet browser.

Installing Extensions and Add-ons

There are numerous web browser extensions and add-ons, which help in easy navigation to different sites. Toolbars for weather reports, RSS feeds, News feeds, and search options, enhance the overall browsing experience. However, be careful to use only genuine add-ons, as many of the toolbars and extensions are malicious and risk the security of the system. Apart from that, Mozilla Firefox support center pinpoints that overloading Firefox with toolbars and extensions also slows down its performance.

Adding Bookmarks

Use CTRL + D shortcut keys when on your favorite page to bookmark it, and access it easily from the Bookmarks menu later. You can also create your own Bookmarks toolbar for easy routing to most visited websites. Mozilla Firefox application also allows creating specific folders to organize bookmarked sites.

The above points are a few tips to improve you web browsing activities with the Mozilla Firefox application. Download and install the freebie from Mozilla website and enjoy its unbeatable features yourself.

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