Windows Help on how to undo a Windows Update on your computer

Many of you Windows enthusiasts and users might already be familiar with Windows updates for your computer. And as such, you may have gone ahead and installed important updates for your computer several times.

However, in getting on with our article, if in case one of your Microsoft Windows updates seems to be interfering with the productivity or even operation of your computer, the team with Windows help explains that you can easily resolve the issue by removing the same update from your computer.

In this light, the team has formulated a simple guide that can help you with the task at hand. The guide is as given below.

Removing/Uninstalling a Windows Update on your computer with Windows Help Guide

Simply follow the steps as given below in successfully uninstalling a Windows Update on your computer:

  1. To first begin with, you need to turn on your computer.
  2. Now, if in case you find that the rogue update in question is causing your computer to crash after or during the same startup operation, the team with Windows help suggests that you restart your computer again in “Safe Mode” by simply holding down on the “F8” key on your keyboard.
  3. Once you have been successfully directed to your Windows desktop, get on Windows “Start” menu and then select the “Control Panel” item from it. This action will load up a window on your screen which will provide you with a variety of options and settings for your computer.
  4. So locate and then double click on the option that reads “Add/Remove Programs” from the same “Control Panel” window. Note that this piece of software allows you to install and uninstall programs from your computer.
  5. Choose the “Install/Uninstall” tab (if you are working on Windows 98 and ME) or the “Change or Remove Programs” Tab (if you are working on Windows 2000 and XP). You will now be displayed with a list of all the programs installed on your computer.
  6. Next up, scroll down to the end of the list of programs and from the bottom of the list, you will find a list of updates that have been installed on the computer.
  7. Select the update that has been causing the same problems on your computer then click on the “Remove” button. Follow any on-screen instructions that may appear and then reboot your computer.

This successfully completes our Windows help instructions in removing the rogue update from your computer. Bye!

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