Learning how to run NetMeeting on Windows 7 with Windows Online Support

Ease of communication between work employees or even business partners can sometimes be a very hard affair as you might not be able to compass the ability to set up the perfect location so as to house everyone involved in your discussions. And not to forget, you might also not have the ability to display all the information properly.

Now to resolve this problem, many offices make use of what you might already know as conference calls. And for those of you still unaware of the NetMeeting feature that comes built in with Windows and its operating systems, you should know that it has also facilitated many of these needs.

In Windows 7, you may find this same feature under the name “Microsoft Live Meeting”, but it still serves the same purpose. So in getting on with the task at hand, let us now take a look at the steps you can follow in setting up and running Microsoft Live Meeting.

Windows online support in setting up and running NetMeeting

  1. To begin with, have each of your employees download Microsoft Live Meeting. In order to have a successful meeting using Microsoft Live Meeting, you need to make sure that all your employees, and anyone else involved for that matter in the conference call, has Microsoft Live Meeting installed on their respective computer.
  2. Following which, send out an email invitation. The invite will provide a link to the meeting and access to the time the meeting starts. Get on Live Meeting home menu and click “Schedule a Meeting“. The resulting window will then ask you for the meeting description and time. Simply add the email addresses of those you wish to extend the invitation to and then click Send.
  3. Next, from the Live Meeting content pane, you will be provided with the option to activate files on your computer during the meeting. The Windows online support team also suggests you create a folder on your computer to organize all of your audio and visual content for ease of access.
  4. So finally, when the date and time for your meeting arrives, launch Microsoft Live Meeting, open your meeting files and notes and proceed with discussing the meeting topics after all your invitees have arrived.

This completes Windows online support steps. Bye!

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