Sharing Folders In Windows XP Using A Password

Microsoft has launched a variety of platforms, which we call operating systems. Among the different versions of Windows operating systems launched by Microsoft, Windows XP held its own importance position. What makes XP different from its successors? Well, it is the user-friendly nature of Windows XP that makes it the favorite of computer users. Even though a number of other operating systems had been introduced with advanced features, Windows XP continues to be widely used.

Windows XP enables you to share different folders and files, it permits sharing of files in a network letting you to do a variety jobs. Sharing enables others on the network to access your folders easily. However, sometimes there would be documents that you do not wish to share with others. In such cases, you can restrict the sharing of such documents with others on the network. Such files can be viewed only by the authorized personnel and hence you need to make necessary changes in the settings for this. If you have no idea about this, you can contact the Windows Tech support team or follow these instructions.


  • Click on Start button on your desktop and click on Control Panel. Now choose User Accounts that you find from the list. The screen for User accounts will open.
  • Select the Guest account icon and select Turn on the Guest Account option and you may now close the window.
  •  Click on Start button on your desktop and click on Run and type cmd. Click OK. Now the Command window will open on the screen.
  • You can type Net user guest password at the command prompt and click the Enter key. Now the option to create a password would be enabled and this will be added to the guest account. Now close the Command prompt.
  • Click on Start button once again and click on Control Panel. From the different icons listed, you click on User Accounts. Now click Guest Account once again. Provide a password in the Change the password box and this will protect the folders that will be shared. You may now close the window and restart your computer. If other users wish to view the contents folder, they would have to provide the password.

If you have any doubts regarding this, you can contact Windows Tech support for assistance. The Windows tech support team would provide more help with this.

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