Open Equation Editor In Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office Word, commonly known as Word is the word processing software developed by Microsoft. It is by far the best choice you have for managing your documents. The program allows the users to create equations in the document. Here we discuss simple instructions from Microsoft help line on how a user can create an equation in a Word document using the equation editor tool in Word.


  • Open the document in the Microsoft Word processing software by right clicking on the document and then selecting the Microsoft Word program from the list of programs shown.
  • When the document opens in the screen, click on the place where you would like to include the equation and then click on the Insert option found at the top Ribbon of the Outlook 2010 program.
  • Click on the Pi shaped button representing an Equation in the Ribbon. When you click on the Equation button, the Word program will insert an equation in the space where you have earlier clicked and will open the Equation Editor Dialog box for creating an equation.
  • Create the required equation in the Equation editor tool. If you would like to add numbers in the equation, type the numbers found in the keyboard and for adding special symbols in the equation, browse through the list of available symbols found in the Symbols tab found under the Word Ribbon. Click on the symbol you would like to add when you see it. You can make use of the buttons found in the right side of the Ribbon for creating special formulae involving fractions, radicals and operators. Since these buttons offer drop down menu options, you will be able to select from the available specific set of structures.

If you have created a wrong equation in the document, there is nothing to worry as you can easily fix them using the Microsoft help line instructions given below.

  • Click on the erroneous equation and the click on the Design tab found under the Ribbon.
  • Use the tools, symbols and structures in the Design tab for successfully editing the equation for creating the correct equation.
  • After you have done configuring the equation, click anywhere in the document outside the Equation for closing the equation tools.

If you follow the simple instructions given above taken from the Microsoft help line page, you will be able to create and edit an equation in a Word document with the help of the Word equation editor tool.

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