Microsoft: Live Tile Column Only For Full-HD Phones

Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, has developed a habit of surprising its customers or users with frequent announcements and updates. In the installment they’ll now roll out, is the eagerly awaited third Windows Phone 8 update. As mentioned earlier in the Windows help and latest Windows Phone update articles, Microsoft has promised some major updates to the Windows Phone platform.

Microsoft, as it has done umpteen times before, managed to disappoint a section of its user base. This time, it’s the low-screen resolution users who got sidelined. This is because the update would not help the devices with low-screen resolution. This update is effectively useful only for HD phone users. According to a Microsoft representative, Joe Belfiore, the third Windows Phone update would not bring a third Live Tile column to the “Start” menu for low-screen resolution smartphones. Another thing, which again might be a problem, is that other size-related UI changes (the number tile rows) detailed in the third Windows Phone update are only for large screen devices with full-HD display.

Joe Belfiore’s tweet mentioned: “For those asking– 3rd column in start (and all the other related UI changes throughout OS) are for LARGE SCREEN devices only (w 1080p).”

This Windows help article regarding Windows Phone 8 update news may bring out mixed reaction from ardent fans as well as users. There are more things mentioned such as that the high-end Nokia Lumia smartphones, which include Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia Lumia 925, and even the flagship, Nokia Lumia 920 would not get the third Live Tile column with the update will not get the third Live Tile column with the update. Lumia 1520, however, allegedly supports full-HD display. This means it will receive the third Live Tiles column, and also the other User Interface changes introduced in the third Windows Phone update.

The software Giant has mentioned that the new update for Windows Phones will be released worldwide in the near future. However, the software-zilla did not mention anything regarding geographical region specific releases of the latest third Windows Phone update.

There are some really great features introduced into the Windows Phone platform. These features include bigger display (5-inch and 6-inch displays) that will now house six Live Tiles. You might have observed in the previous version or before this update, only four live tiles could be housed. There is support for high resolution that is full-HD or 1080p. There is also support for more powerful processors such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core.

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