How Microsoft Supports PDF Files

If you ask which is the software brand with the most reliable service support today, then our pick would be Microsoft. If you look at the several Microsoft support services available today, you will easily understand that the brand values its customers concerns more than any other IT service provider does. No matter the case, Microsoft will offer seamless support for all of its products as well as 3rd party software that has been designed for working in a Microsoft OS environment. You can get Microsoft support services availed for you even when you face small problems such as PDF incompatibility in your system.

So what exactly does Microsoft has in store for PDF support? Microsoft’s own Office software has the ability to output files in PDF format and these files can be even viewed by popular PDF software applications such as Adobe Reader. However, the version of PDF that is given as output by Office depends entirely on the print intent that is chosen by the user. Some facts regarding this are,

  • Most of the time, it is the PDF Version 1.5 that Office produces as its PDF output.
  • For Publisher, keeping in mind the Commercial Print intention, the Version 1.4 of PDF is the output that Office uses while providing the output.
  • If features such as password protection are added to the PDF file, then it is the version 1.6 of PDF that Office chooses because of lower version incompatibilities with such features.
  • If your intention is to save the PDF file as PDF/A then Office will automatically save it as Version 1.4 as per the specifications mentioned in ISO 19005-1.

Though Microsoft Office has been found to support a majority of PDF versions, some features might still be missing and even if you consult Microsoft support for the same, chances are very meager that you will get a solution. For example, Office does not support digital signatures in PDF documents as of now and hence it is a problem because most official and business documents of high criticality often come with digital signatures.

In such cases, Office and PDF do not get along well but they do have a strong connection elsewhere. What we meant is the Microsoft support offered for the different versions of PDF as mentioned above.

Therefore, once these minor incompatibility issues are solved, then using PDF and Office together will be as easy as stealing candy from a baby.

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