How To Make Use Of The Widescreen Feature In Windows XP

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The widescreen experience is really catching up with people nowadays. Almost all computer monitor manufacturing brands have widescreen monitors in their product line up. The widescreen experience raises the viewing experience to an all-new level. People are more eager to watch movies on widescreen monitors so that the entire horizontal space can be used to the full advantage. However, the widescreen monitors need to be supported by the operating system also.

Nevertheless, operating systems like Windows XP support wide screen monitors but the operating system was designed to be much more user friendly in non-widescreen monitors. To optimize the settings for widescreen monitors, you need to make some changes in your system settings. Windows help guidelines given below can be made use of while setting your widescreen settings.

Steps Involved

  • To make the changes, you will need to first access the Control panel, which contains all the configuration settings related to your system.
  • To access the Control panel, click on the Start button. When the Start menu pops up, you will find the Control panel option; click on it.
  • When the Control panel window opens, there is an option labeled Appearance and Themes. Click on that option to open it. There will be a list of icons present. Choose the icon named Display.
  • Another way of opening the Display option is to right click anywhere in the desktop and a menu will appear. From the list of options present, click on the Properties option.
  • Now the Display properties window will open up before your screen.

    Setting your widescreen settings

                                           Windows XP resolution

  • From the tabs present choose settings. At the bottom left, their will a bar is present which represents the screen resolution and it can be adjusted depending upon the resolution required. Once the desired wide screen resolution is selected, click on the Ok button
  • When you click on the Ok button, the monitor will blackout for a second and the screen will reappear with the new resolution.
  • In addition, a window asking whether you want to stick on with the changes will be asked; click on OK.

Now the new widescreen resolution will come into play and you can have the finest widescreen experience from your monitor. If you require any help in configuring, you can contact the Windows help and support center to resolve all your doubts and queries.