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Windows Vista operating system offers an efficient default email client along with it named Windows Mail. The functionality of this application very much depends upon its message database called message store. When this Mail database is corrupt or damaged, Windows Mail shows strange behaviors and will not run properly. This may happen due to unexpected shut down of your computer when the message store is in use. Do not worry; efficient Windows help services are available online for your help. The best way of fixing such problems is cleaning up the message store using the built in features or using third party software. The following description will be very helpful for you.

Cleaning Windows Mail store using built in features

  • First, launch Windows Mail. Then click on the Tools menu, which lies at the top of the screen. Select Options.
  • Choose the Advanced tab and then click on the Maintenance button, which is at the bottom of the window.
  • You should then select the Clean Up Now button.
  • Click on the Reset button. This operation will clear all the messages in the store and the process cannot be reversed. Therefore, it is better to back up your mails if necessary.
  • Then select Yes. When the operation is complete, close all windows and reopen Windows Mail. Usually after downloading your messages from the server, Windows Mail should behave normally.

Sometimes the issue is not fixed by the above-described method. Then you need to seek the help of third party software like WMUtil. The following description will give the procedure.

Clearing Windows Mail store with WMUtil

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  • If you do not have a WMUtil utility in your computer, first you should download it.
  • Then run WMUtil.exe file to launch the repair utility.
  • Now you have to choose the Repair Database button. You can see a window reminding you that you should perform this operation only when the Windows Mail database is damaged or corrupt because it is more likely to lose information. Click on the OK button to continue. The window closes automatically when the operation is complete.
  • Finally, launch the Windows Mail program. Now it will run properly.

Now working with Windows operating systems and its associated utilities is quite simple and reliable with the advent of several online Windows help services. Very good technical assistance for your Windows gadgets is available just a Google search away. Make use of these Windows services and have an efficient time with your computer!