Does Your Windows Installer Keep Popping Up?

Windows help

Windows Installer Wizard

Windows Installer applications for Microsoft Windows help manage the installation, removal, recovery, updating and maintenance of various Microsoft softwares on your system. Most of the time these applications would be automatically installed along with some Microsoft software package that you installed.

Windows Installer Clean-Up Utility

Microsoft had also released a utility application called the Windows Installer Clean-up Utility which cleans the system registry and helps to completely remove any Microsoft programs that were not uninstalled successfully. This utility is no longer available from Microsoft.

Windows Installer Pop-ups

There have been cases where the Windows Installer keeps popping up asking the user to prompt the reinstallation or recovery of some program or the other. Even after you have chosen the necessary option, the installer keeps popping up again and again, rather annoyingly. You should try to solve this problem by manually performing the operation prompted by the installer: a recovery, an update or a removal of the software mentioned.

If the problem still persists try going to the ‘Add or Remove programs’ option in the control menu and uninstall the program that is the source of this message. Afterwards, go to the C:\ drive and under Program Files, check whether the concerned program file is still there. If found, manually delete that folder permanently.

Windows Installer Pop-ups

Windows Clean-up Utility settings

Use the Windows help function to troubleshoot the problem and follow the instructions given. If you are still experiencing Windows Installer Pop-ups you could install the latest version of the Microsoft Installer from Microsoft website.

Disabling the Installer Service

Sometimes even after doing all this, the Installer will keep popping up. If that is the case follow these steps.

  • Go to the start menu and open the application window ‘Run’.
  • Type in ‘MSCONFIG’ command in the box provided. The Microsoft System Configuration Utility wizard will now be displayed.
  • From the System Configuration Utility main menu open the ‘Services’ menu. There will be a list of system services given there. Select the Windows Installer service from the list.
  • An option for disabling the service will be given there. Select this and you have successfully disabled the Installer.

If you had the Installer manually installed in your system (for downloading and installing certain Microsoft programs from the website), you can solve the problem by manually uninstalling it.

In the past Microsoft released fixes for various installer problems which may be available even today. Go to the Microsoft website and check whether there are any software fixes available for your Installer.