Getting Windows Media Player to Support .Amz MP3 Format

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If you search the internet, you will be able to see a number of media players. Likewise, there are also music and videos available in a number of formats. The different formats in which music are available includes 3gp, mp3, aac, alac etc. Nowadays purchasing music online is very common. A lot of companies are there selling music online. Among all these companies, Amazon has got a special place. A large number of people around the world purchase music from Amazon. Music is sold by Amazon in the .Amz Mp3 format. This format can be played on a wide range of computers, media players, and MP3 players. A free program that can be used to convert and import purchased tracks into Windows Media Player is provided by Amazon. An additional software conversion is not required to hear Amazon purchases. The instructions to be followed were given by the Windows Online Support team and are explained below.


Amazon MP3 downloader

Amazon Music

For previously downloaded Amazon MP3s

  • After launching the Windows Media Player, click on the “File” menu present on the left of the top menu bar. From the list of options appearing, select “Open” or “Open folder“.
  • A search text box will appear in the Window, type “Amazon MP3“. Then, from the list, click the “Amazon MP3” folder. This will make the mp3 files inside visible.
  • Double click the folder which has to be played in Windows Media Player. Usually these folders are labeled by band or artist’s name. Then, these tracks will appear in the Media player playlist. Repeat the steps for each additional album to be played.

For future Amazon MP3 purchases

  • The Amazon MP3 Downloader which can be downloaded for free should be downloaded. Don’t forget that the Windows version of the article must be selected.
  • After logging into your Amazon account and typing the required music, select “Buy Album” or “Buy MP3″ present next to the tracks you wanted.
  • Once the Amazon MP3 downloader finishes downloading the tracks, you will be presented with the status of the downloaded contents. The Windows Media player must be launched and check the playlist or library on the right side for the latest downloads. The purchases will be automatically imported into Windows Media Player by the downloaded program.

These instructions put forward by the Windows Online Support team if followed correctly will help you hear your entire Amazon purchased music easily. Hope this articles becomes really useful. Thank you for reading the article.