Introduction to Windows Help

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The age of computers and Windows help

With the Introduction of computers, a new era dawned in the history of mankind. Though we didn’t really see it then, we now live in a world where computers run the show. Every household has at least 2 PCs, nearly every individual, age no bar, has access to a computer and internet connection. The world and our lifestyle have evolved a lot since that pivotal day, but we are still the same- the same ol’ computer amateurs. Of course, now we have basic computer skills, but we are yet to match the ever advancing technology. Imagine you’re working on your computer and suddenly your computer comes up with some weird problem, or worse, just crashes without any warning. Or sometimes, you might find applications on your computer, which you know will be helpful to you, but somehow, you just can’t seem to figure it out. You realize then that you need Windows Online Support. Lucky for you, you have just that- Windows help, and that too, right on the computer in front of you. Confused? Let me explain.

Windows help by Microsoft


As Microsoft develops its new programs, it simultaneously begins working on Windows help and support as well. As bugs are found, they are fixed and help files are created. As development continues, more and more help and introduction files are created, and it is from here that the Windows help option on your operating system is built. All information pertaining to different applications and features of the Windows operating system is stored here. Any time you need Windows help to resolve an issue with an application, or to learn a feature you can’t understand, just turn to Windows help. Just go to the Windows help section and you will find the answer to your question. The help menu allows you to browse by topic, making it easy for you to narrow down your search.

Steps to access Windows help

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Just follow these simple Windows help tips to join hands with Windows to solve your Windows problems. Just go to ‘Help and support’ in Start and enter the keywords of your query in the search box. A list of help articles will be presented; you can select the topic that relates to your query and follow the instructions. You will also find links that will allow you to access related information.

You’re problems are now history. The best part, though is that, you took care of it yourself, with some Windows help.