Microsoft Releases Xbox Video App Capable Of Playing MKV Format

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After the release of Xbox One, Microsoft has been bringing in many changes to the gaming device, all in the process of hoping to make the device more attractive and user-friendly. Earlier this year, we saw the software giant releasing an update for the player, which helped users to play videos that were built in MKV format. This is one of the widely used formats for movie rips. Similar to this update, Microsoft has now released Xbox Video App intended for Windows 8.1 users, which will help the users to play MKV files from their metro styled app.

In addition to the MKV support, the video app will also support other formats like MPEG-4 and H.264 video codecs. The audio files supported by the player include AC3, MP3, AAC and HE-AAC. However, the new formats like H.265 did not work on the player. The player also does not support open source video codecs like VP8 and Theora.

Now, for Windows 10 operating system, it is expected that it would provide support for more formats. According to Windows help center, the support for MKV files is specific to the Xbox Video app and this does not mean that the rest of the device can work with the MKV file. That is, the device will still be unable to play MKV files when you try to launch these files using Windows Media Player or using any of the third party apps. However, with Windows 10, Microsoft plans to come up with a system level support for the FLAC lossless audio and MKV files.

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With all these measures, Microsoft hopes to make the device more user-friendly. Even though it was always possible to play such files using some third party applications, many users were hoping to see the MKV videos being played with Microsoft apps. Earlier, we used to see many spyware programs in the market, which were downloaded to the computer as codecs. With this, the risk of downloading and installing the codecs for audio and video files from the internet became risky. However, the new move from Microsoft to release apps, which would play these video formats, would be welcomed by all. This will considerably reduce the risk involved in downloading third party codecs and offer a better customer experience.

If you have any queries on this latest app from Microsoft, you may contact the Windows help center or our technical support team for assistance.

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Booting Windows Vista In Safe Mode With Command Prompt

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Windows users may have used the Safe Mode in the operating system. It is a stripped down environment and in this mode, only those files that are necessary to boot the computer will load. All the other startup programs will be disabled. The Safe mode is mainly meant for diagnosis and troubleshooting purposes. Getting into Safe Mode and troubleshooting is the best way to fix issues like virus infections, as in this mode the virus programs will not load and you will be able to find the infections easily. There are three types of Safe Mode settings in Windows – Normal Safe Mode, Safe Mode with networking, and Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

If you wish to make any changes in the system files of the Windows Vista operating system, you will need to boot into Safe Mode with Command Prompt option. In this mode, you will be able to make changes to Vista while working outside of the OS. The Windows help tips that are shared below will help you to know more on the steps to boot Windows Vista in Safe Mode with Command Prompt enabled.


  • Restart your PC. To do this click on the Start orb and then click on the arrow that is located near to lock icon and then choose Restart from the menu that pops up.

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  • While the Windows Vista computer is restarting, you will need to tap the F8 key. This should be done before the Windows screen is displayed. You will be taken to the Advanced Boot Options screen.
  • In the Advanced Boot Options window, make use of the arrow keys to choose the Safe Mode with Command Prompt option. After selecting it, you will have to press the Enter key to load it. If you wish to boot into the Windows Vista operating system normally, you can press the Esc key.

These are the steps to boot into Safe Mode with Command Prompt in Windows Vista operating system. You can make the necessary changes, troubleshoot in this mode and then restart the computer again to boot into the Windows Vista operating system normally. You should also understand that some of the installed programs in the computer will not work in Safe Mode as the files of these programs will not load. If you wish to know more on working in Safe Mode, you can contact our Windows help team.

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Kerberos Bug Patch Out For Download

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The Windows Kerberos bug has been bumped up on the critical scale. It’s seen being used in specific, focused attacks, following which the company has started urging admins to pick up and install the patch they’ve released. This is one Windows help issue which is not going away without a fight.

It’s easy to take advantage of this specific vulnerability, and apparently it can be done remotely as well. This allows raised privileges to the attacker in domains where Windows domain controllers are used. If the attacker has possession of the credentials of an authorized user, they can raise their own privileges to the same level as any other account on the domain.

Microsoft has laid out the details as to how Kerberos works, and the fact that till date, attacks have only been made on the domain controllers found on Windows Server 2008 R2 and below. The company says these platforms need to be updated first. Under that, we have those domain controllers running server 2012 and above, which have been targeted by a related attack, which is harder to execute than the one already mentioned. These two groups of systems are the most vulnerable, but then so are others, as long as you’re using a domain controller.

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There’s no other way out than to install the patch Microsoft has issued, because no one has come up with an alternate workaround yet. Many companies are putting together the event logs for their domain controllers to check for signs of a similar attack before they did the update. The limitation of the logging system though, is that it won’t be able to catch an unknown exploit. It’s only easy to come up with exploits which don’t show up on such a log. But there are still ways to detect even such obscured exploits in the domain.

According to Microsoft, the only way to make sure that the issue is fixed on a domain, is to reconstruct the whole setup. For an attacker who manages to get admin privileges, it’s only a short walk to making any number of changes within the system. Some of these would allow them even more unrestricted access as they continue doing whatever they intend to.

The only way to stay safe from this is to get the patch from the Windows help website and install it at the earliest. This will mitigate the issue to a considerable level.

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UK's NHS Still Messing Around With Windows XP

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England’s National Health Service is holding fast to the use of Windows XP systems. This poses a security meltdown because the OS isn’t supported by the manufacturer Microsoft, ever since the tech giant scrapped it in April. The only way NHS can avail the lacking security is by paying Microsoft £5.5 million for premium Windows help and support.

Information about NHS’s operating system laggardness came out in the wake of the mobile company Citrix filing an FOIA request. The findings showed that no more than five trusts have the virtualization technology sufficient for OS migration.

NHS isn’t the only organization that’s under this kind of pressure. Public IT department has a similar set of problems to deal with. The current situation spells out a need for better use of IT technology to augment their IT processes; doing this can usher in many benefits. With the use of virtualized desktop and application, it’s possible to step up the operation in the workplace; this would also raise productivity and make it possible to provide better health care overall.

Microsoft ended Windows XP’s support on 8 April 2014, but the UK government has handed out a payment for extending this until 8 April 2015. A survey of NHS trusts showed that the 74 percent of the trusts would keep from total migration until this date. But what’s disturbing is that 14 percent are unsure about when they will complete the Windows XP transition.

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Everyone’s surmising that the UK government is planning another extension because there is no way all governmental departments will have moved on from XP by then. And that will probably cost no less than it did this time. The current agreement sees to it that Microsoft provides support till 8 April 2015 for XP, alongside Office 2003 and Exchange 2003. This will be available to the entirety of the UK public sector. In fact, UK isn’t the only government to have signed this deal. The Dutch government has the same Windows help and support deal with Microsoft.

No platform since the highly popular Windows XP has managed to incite the public sector of the UK government into OS migration. Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, have all failed in this regard. The government is anticipating Windows 10 coming to the rescue next year. But by the look of things, it’s possible we’ll see NHS sticking to XP even then.

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How To Boot When Windows Refuses To Start

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Windows operating systems is a famous ecosystem in which people prefer to work. It is one of the user-friendly operating systems used by most of the corporate offices, educational institutes, homes and other places. Though it is loaded with better functionalities that improve productivity, sometimes Windows might run into issues. Out of the issues that arise in Windows system, we are going to discuss about what has to be done when the operating system refuses to start.

The good thing about Windows is that the operating system has a recovery console. This recovery console will help you fix the damaged boot files. With the help of this console, you will be able to recover damaged boot files in a jiffy. You have to recover data from the hard drive in order to fix the issue with boot files. The recovery console will be located in every Windows Vista or Windows 7 installation DVD. Moreover, you will be able to fix registry files, repair the boot files along with other files that stop Windows from booting. Follow these Windows help tips to recover boot files quickly.


  • Find the installation DVD and Insert it into the disk drive. You need to Restart the computer.
  • When prompted to boot to the DVD, you need to hit the Spacebar on the keyboard.
  • This will initiate the Windows Recovery Console.
  • In the next step, you need to select the preferred Language, Keyboard Settings along with the Time Zone from the Windows drop down box.
  • Click on Next to go to the main installation screen. Here you would usually click on the installation if this was an installation process. Since you are about to repair the computer, click on the appropriate option. Click on the button labeled Repair Your Computer.

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  • Select the OS in the next window and then click on Next. The main recovery console option is in the next window. Click on the Startup Repair link.
  • This would direct Windows with the recovery process, which would check every file relevant to booting. In case Windows finds files that are Corrupt, it will Replace the same.
  • At the end of the process, you have to Remove the DVD. Restart the computer for the changes to become effective.

In case the issue is too complicated that you are not able to work properly even after resolving with the Windows recovery console, you can visit our website to get advanced Windows helpand support.

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