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The Latest Windows 8.1 Phone Update Marred By Problems

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Problems with Microsoft updates happen repeatedly. This time, it is the Windows 8.1 Phone Update, which is reportedly affected by a few bugs. Of course, the online Windows support services are quick to respond to these problems and fix them at the earliest. However, it would be better to do a thorough testing before they release these updates in the first place so as to reduce the chances of such errors.

About the latest Windows update error

The Windows Update file we are discussing here is the General Distribution Release 1 update, referred commonly as GDR1 with the version number 14147.180. This update was released automatically to those who are using the Developer Preview of the operating system. According to the Windows support website, this update adds many features and options to the Windows 8.1 Phone.

This update is said to bring along the voice assistant application developed by Microsoft called Cortana. Yet, at present, this will only be available in a few select countries. Other features like Live Folders, an improved version of the Internet Explorer 11 browser, etc. are also available with this update.

One of the first problems reported recently was about the non-availability of these updates to the HTC smartphone users. According to the Windows support website, there are some issues in the update, which have to be fixed before it is released to the HTC users. HTC smartphone OS requires the use of official updates released through the manufacturer.

Installation Error

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Interestingly, some users faced a different problem. They were able to download the update successfully, but this update file did not install in their system. Instead, they received an error message indicating some kind of an installation error. Microsoft responded to these user complaints, who reported this 8018830F error message to the tech support team, and said that this error might be a result of low system storage space. Mostly, Samsung and Nokia Lumia smartphone users were affected by this Windows update error.

As always, Microsoft has promised to fix these issues at the earliest, and you can expect to see the release of a bug-free version of the same update soon. The whole issue looks very similar to the 12400.899 update released earlier for Windows 8.1 Phone. There was some error in this update as well.

So, it might be a good idea to wait for a couple of weeks until Microsoft addresses these problems, and comes up with a flawless update.

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Installing Audio Drivers In Windows XP

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Windows XP is still used by a vast majority of people in the world even after Microsoft ended the extended support provided to the operating system. It is necessary to update the drivers once in a while so that the devices function perfectly. Here we list simple instructions for updating the audio device installed with your system.


  • Move the mouse pointer to the left bottom corner of the desktop and then click on the Start menu button found there. When the Start menu button appears on the screen, click on the Control Panel tab found in it for launching the Control Panel window on the screen.
  • When the Control Panel window appears on the screen, look for the option labeled as Hardware and Sound and click on it when found. Select the option labeled as Device Manager found under the tab labeled as Devices and Printers.
  • According to Windows help forums, you will be now able to see the Device Manager window on the screen, look for the option labeled as Sound, video and game controllers in the window and then click on the delta symbol found beside it for expanding the list.
  • Now you will be able to find all the devices that are related to sound, video and game controllers installed with the computer on the screen. In the list, you will be able to see your sound card if you scroll down through the populated list.
  • Select the audio drive when found and right click on it. From the context menu that appears on the screen, click on the option labeled as Update Driver Software to update the driver software of the audio device.

    Updating The Audio Device

          Windows Help Instructions

  • If Windows asks you for confirmation, Windows help centre advises you to grant permission to search and install the latest drivers for the audio device installed with your computer.
  • Alternately, you may also choose to install the audio driver manually by visiting website of the manufacturer of the audio device and downloading the latest driver from the website.

Make sure that you have installed the correct driver for the device or the system may crash when you try to use the audio device. If you have installed a wrong driver for your audio device, remove the driver update from the system and install the correct version of the driver update on your system to get the maximum out of the audio device.

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Microsoft All Set To Revive The PC Market In 2015

Windows Help

Windows 8 Issues

It s known fact that Windows 8, launched by Microsoft, is a failure as far as the sales of the operating system is concerned. Released almost two years ago, this operating system has garnered more negative reviews than any other existing versions of the Windows OS. According to the technicians available at the Windows help and support team, most users who called up to uninstall Windows 8 had almost the same issues i.e. the operating system was too complicated to use. Although Windows 8 comprised of several advanced features, the lack of basic and user-friendly options in it led to its downfall.

Such a lackluster performance of the Windows 8 operating system has also resulted in the emergence of strong competitors for Microsoft in the PC market. This is because the users who were dissatisfied with Windows 8 either downgraded their systems to the previous versions of the Windows OS or moved to other operating systems. This led to the diminishing sales of the Windows operating systems and as a result, Microsoft began to lose some of its customers to its counterparts.


Windows 8 PC

As per the latest reports, the software giant is all set to revive the PC market in 2015. As stated by the research firm Gartner, Windows operating system will play an important role in reviving the whole PC market in the next year. This year, the PC shipment sales are expected to decrease and fall to 308.4 million compared to the 317.6 million last year. However, as foreseen by Gartner, the sales of PCs would definitely improve next year and can even reach figures of 316.8 million. According to the Windows help and support team, the total shipment of computing devices is expected to rise 4.2 % this year to 2.4 billion units and this includes Smartphones, tablets and PCs. This trend is all set to continue even in the next year and the expected rise is said to be around 2.6 billion units. Adding to it, the tablet shipment sales would also exceed the PC sales next year.

As far as the Smartphone OS market is considered, there is no doubt that Android will continue its dominance in the coming years too. The expected increase in the shipment of Android based devices this year is said to grow 30 %.

Hence, it can be said that Microsoft will have to implement new strategies to revive its position in the PC market and pose stiff competition to its strong counterparts.

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Adding Fonts To Microsoft Word In Windows 7

Windows Tech Support

         Windows 7 Support

MS Word (Microsoft Word) is the word processing application included in Microsoft Office suite. According to Windows tech support, Word has the most number of users than other applications in the Office suite. Folks from every walk of life, say students, employees, researchers and professionals, use Word for various purposes. Word has undergone numerous changes over the years. Many of its features have been streamlined in the latest versions.

One of the user-friendly features with the latest versions of Word is its ability to add new fonts. The steps for this can be different depending on the Windows version you are using. If you have Windows 7 installed in your PC, you first need to add the new font to the Font folder of Windows 7, as the default fonts of Word in Windows 7 are stored in the central Fonts folder of the operating system. Working out the following steps, you can add your favourite fonts to Word in Windows 7. If you are looking for real-time assistance, feel free to contact Windows tech support.


  • Close Word if it is running.
  • Navigate to the Start button on your desktop and choose Control Panel from the menu.
  • In the Control Panel window, locate the search box and enter “fonts” without the quotation marks. It is located at the top right end of the screen. Hit the Enter button to proceed.
  • After that, locate and select the link that says View installed fonts. You can see the link beneath the Fonts caption under the search results. Windows will display the list of all installed fonts in your PC.

    Theme Fonts

                       MS Word In Windows 7

  • Now, minimize this window and open the folder that contains the new font you want to add to Microsoft Word.
  • Right-click the font and select Copy from the dropdown menu.
  • Now, go to the Fonts folder in Control Panel and paste the font you copied from the folder in the previous step.
  • Instead of copying the font from one folder and then pasting it to other folder, you can simply drag it and place it in the desired folder.

The above instructions must have helped you in adding a new font to Microsoft Word in your Windows 7 PC. Restart your computer after adding the font to let the changes take effect. To start using the new font, launch Microsoft Word, select the tab titled Home and choose the option titled Theme fonts. In case of any concerns in the process, feel free to contact Windows tech support for apt assistance.

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