How To Fix Windows Explorer Crashes

Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working

Windows Explorer Issues

Windows explorer is an easily overlooked part of the OS, but when it stops working, much of your operations can falter. It is usually then you realize that this component held up not just the file browsing, but also the taskbar and start menu. This is why people dread to see the ‘Windows Explorer has stopped working’ error message.

This is a common thing if you have intensive making up the repertoire, and also considering how many related experiences are aired online. You see such accountings on support forums, placing people performing different file operations when their specific Windows Explorer crash happened. With all that in mind, let us look at some of the best troubleshooting steps to take when you face the same issue.

Do a file check

This will see if there are missing or corrupted files in the OS, and make sure that only those with correct file versions are in use. It is useful when dealing with data corruption and malicious attacks, either of which can make unauthorized changes to the files vital to OS functioning.

  • Go to Start and type in cmd. Right click exe and choose Run as administrator. Give the password if you are asked, and hit Continue.
  • When the command line window appears, type in Sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

Scan the Disk

Windows Explorer Crash

Windows Explorer Troubleshooting

One of the factors that can lead to an Explorer crash is bad formatting on the disks. There may not be anything wrong with the files or folders, but if the disk sectors are in disarray, you are heading towards a problem. Scan the drive partitions using the native tool, which Windows provides for just this purpose.

  • Go to Start and proceed to My Computer. Right click the drive that you need to check for errors, and select Properties from the options shown.
  • Move to the Tools tab and hit the Check Now button under the Error-checking
  • Leave both options selected before hitting Start. Leave the check operation scheduled so that you know it will be performed regularly, or on the next startup.

Another way to avoid the ‘Windows Explorer has stopped working’ error message is to do regular updates of the OS. You can get access the feature along Start > All Programs > Windows Update. This also opens up the provision for software updates, and make sure you have all hardware, including regular peripherals, connected at the time.

Getting Back To Windows 8.1 From Windows 10

Windows Help And Support

Windows 8.1 Recovery

If you are one of those fans who have already jumped on the Windows 10 phone use bandwagon, you are probably having the time of your life. For some the fun may have worn off though, and maybe they would rather return to the familiar Windows 8.1 setting. This can be done too, but you would need a few tools first.

Windows Phone Recovery Tool is the obvious first choice when moving to a generally available OS version. This could be use with any phone running Windows. But for Lumia phones, there is also the other option – the Lumia Software Recovery Tool, which as the name already tells you, is for this model alone.

Lumia Software Recovery Tool

Let us see how reversion works on a Lumia 635. Say this one has Windows 10 tech preview at the moment, and what we want to do is replace it with Windows 8.1. The personal data will obviously be erased. So back that up (Settings > Update & Recovery > Backup). This should back up everything on the cloud, but if you want to make sure, go to Settings and hit Back up now. There is probably relevant Windows help and support to be had elsewhere.

  • Install the tool and connect the phone to the PC. Wait for it to be recognized, and hit Install.
  • Affirm when it tells you that all data will be deleted when the transition happens. You will also be suggested to remove the SD card. Hit Continue and the recovery will start.

Windows Phone Recovery Tool

This one works much the same way as the Lumia tool. You install the application, launch it, connect the phone and wait for recognition. After that, you click on the phone when it is found, and follow instructions the same way as with the Lumia tool.

Using Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 OS

With either utility, you would have to wait for a long time for the process to complete. The initial setup will need to be repeated on the phone after this. You could either restore data from a backup made earlier, or start from scratch. Few people take the latter option, because it is obviously tedious, and depriving.

After completing the setup, you can start using Windows 8.1 like you used to before the Windows 10 tryout. It is good to keep one of the recovery tools installed in your PC in case you ever tried another Windows 10 versions and wanted to come back. And a source of Windows help and support if you ever needed it.

Steps For Formatting A Windows Phone

Windows Phone Help

How To Format Windows Phone

You can format your Windows phone to its factory settings when you have locked yourself out of the phone or when you just need to start over fresh. You have two options to format the phone; using a software reset or using a hardware reset.

If you can access the phone properly, software reset is recommended. If not, opt for the hardware reset. Windows phone help guidelines for formatting the device are given below.

Using Software Reset

  • Connect the phone to the charging cable. Else, make sure that the phone battery is fully charged. If your phone runs out of battery power when the formatting process is going on, your phone will become inoperable.
  • Before formatting the device, you can backup important data to the cloud. Swipe through the list of apps and locate the Settings The icon resembles the shape of a gear or cog.
  • Once you have located the icon, touch on Settings and then the icon for Backup in the consecutive screen. Next, touch the button for App list + settings and then Backup now. Your data will be backed up now.
  • In the Settings screen, touch the About In the About screen that opens up, select Reset your phone. You will be shown a warning message notifying you that resetting the phone will remove all your apps, music, and personal data.
  • If you need to format the data in your SD card as well, place a check mark in the box labeled Erase SD card too.
  • When prompted to confirm the formatting process, touch on Touch Yes one more time in the next screen.
  • The phone will start formatting. Wait until the device completes the automated process.

Using Hardware Reset

  • Press and hold down on the - and the Power keys for 10 to 15 seconds. The phone may start to vibrate, depending on your specific model.

    Format Your Windows Phone

    Windows Phone Troubleshooting

  • Next, release your fingers off the Power key and press on the - volume button. Hold on to it unless a large exclamation mark appears on your device screen.
  • To initiate the hardware reset process, press and release the + volume button, - volume button, Power button and then the - volume button. Make sure that you press the keys exactly in this order.
  • The process will initiate and your phone will be reset to its factory settings.

Note that if you have lost your Windows device, Windows phone help desk offers the option to reset the phone so that no one else gets access to your data.

How To Resolve Freezing Issues In IE?

Windows Explorer has stopped working

  Troubleshoot Windows Explorer Issues

Internet Explorer was the most popular web browser once. But it is no longer so, thanks to the numerous errors in the browser. However, a lot of people continue to use this browser on their Windows machines. If you are an IE user and is faced with Windows Explorer has stopped working error on account of the browser, do not worry. Here are a few steps you can work out on your own and fix the issue.

Clear IE Cache

It has been noted that the cache stored in the Internet Explorer browser is behind a number of problems such as frequent freezing or crashing or hanging. These issues occur in IE irrespective of the operating system it is installed on. As a first step to troubleshoot this issue, remove IE cache. There are two different methods to clear IE cache. The first one is clearing it from the IE settings, which is more straightforward and easy to perform. The other method requires you to remove the cached data from your IE web browser via the Disk Cleanup tool.

Once you have cleared out the cached data, run a full system scan. This will help you detect and remove potential virus threats from the PC. After the removal of potential virus threats, you would be required to restart your PC. Make sure that you do so because the restart would enable your machine to initiate the changes you made in the settings immediately.

Set your browser to the default settings

Internet Explorer browser

  Windows Explorer Error Message

Following the virus scan and removal of all the potential viruses, reset the browser to the default settings. For this, launch your browser and navigate to the Tools menu. Select Internet Options from the resulting dropdown menu followed by Security. Ensure that you do the reset for all zones. Restart your browser and check the issue. The issue should be resolved by now in most cases. However, there is a chance for the issue to persist. In case it does, open the browser without add-ons. If the browser performs without any problems, you can conclude that a problematic add-on is the culprit. Pinpoint the add-on that is causing the issue and disable it. This should fix the issue for good.

With the above troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve the Windows Explorer has stopped working error caused by the browser. Get in touch with our support desk in case you are in need of any additional help.

Instructions To Activate Windows By Phone


Windows Tech Support Help

In case you are using Windows, you might know something known as activation of the software. When newly installing a Windows OS (say Windows XP, just for example) in your system, you require activating it within a month (30 days). It is really not that difficult and you will only require activating the operating system after installing it. Why is activation necessary? When a user activates the copy of Windows XP, only then can he use it without getting the genuineness error. Activation is done in order to make sure that the copy of Windows XP has not exceeded the number of installations that are allowed for the user with the Windows OS License Agreement.

You can activate Windows OS using various methods. This Windows help guide will throw some light on the options available. The usual and commonest way to activate Windows XP OS is through the internet. Of course, you need to have access to the web. In case you are not having access to internet, you need not worry as you have another way, using which you will be able to activate Windows XP. Not having access to the internet, or if user prefers not to activate their Windows XP over the internet, then it is possible for them to do it through the phone. Here are the instructions to help you out:


Windows XP Support Instructions

Windows help instructions:

  • First and foremost, you need to go to the ‘Start’ button. This, you will be able to find in the lower-left corner of your computer screen.
  • Then you need to go to ‘All Programs’ from the ‘Start menu’ and then click on ‘Accessories’. Thereafter, click on the ‘System Tools’ and choose the ‘Activate Windows’ option.
  • You can select the option ‘Yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to active Windows now’.
  • After that, you need to click on ‘Read the Windows Product Activation Privacy Statement’, then click on the ‘Back’ button and hit ‘Next’ button.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts or instructions, which includes the phone number you wish to call. Click on the ‘Next’ button for proceeding.
  • In case the process has finished successfully, you will receive a message like this ‘You have successfully activated your copy of Windows’. You need to click on ‘OK’ and your operating system XP will be activated.

So, you have thus activated the Windows OS through your mobile phone.

Should You Upgrade To Windows 7 From Windows XP

Windows Help

Windows Help And Support

With the death of Windows XP, many existing XP users might be confused as to what to do. Actually, Windows XP lived a long 13 years and it was about time for it to go. The software giant Microsoft had given umpteen extensions to the OS’s life span and it seems they have had it with the age old OS. Agreed, Windows is a good OS, it was the best a decade ago. But, now with the availability of new and advanced Operating Systems, it is anyway outdated and obsolete. Windows 7 is the best alternative available at present. You can easily migrate to the new OS without issues.

Most Windows XP users are still sticking to the old OS due to various reasons. Most common reason for sticking to the old OS is due to the fact that Windows XP is the most familiar OS available today. There are very few Windows users who have not used XP. The features of the aging OS is known to most Windows users. Some people are willing to risk their important information and stay with Windows XP considering the ease of use and features on offer.

Familiarity means people are afraid of trying something new. Another possible reason is the horrendous Windows Vista. Windows Vista was one of the worst Windows OS that had many issues. Windows Vista actually managed to increase the popularity of Windows XP. The company was forced to extend the support period for Windows XP because of the problems with Windows Vista.

Death Of Windows XP

About Windows Help

Whatever may be reasons why people continue using Windows XP, the fact that Windows XP is unsupported is not going to change. Windows help and support for Windows XP no more exists. There will be no more Windows help and support provided by the company, officially. The security patches, technical assistance and feature updates etc will not be available for the OS anymore.

The major problem that users will have to face is the security. Most users will have to spend an awful amount of time securing the PC from thousands of malware, viruses, malicious codes and many other security threats. Since there is no support available, the software will be the main target of hackers, and other intruders. Windows 7 is the best OS available at present. It is far better than Windows XP in every aspect. If you don’t want to use Windows 8 series of OSs, wait for the official launch of Windows 10.

Better IM & Video Chat Experience Guaranteed With Skype 7 For Windows

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Windows Help Desk

There have been a lot of complaints from Skype users on Windows. The major blame the previous Skype version for Windows bore was that it consumed a large amount of the screen space. Well, according to Windows help desk, the latest Skype version, Skype 7, consumes less screen space. Furthermore, it offers better video-chatting and instant messaging experience with its brand new features.

Skype 7 features

The brand new features that Microsoft added to the latest Skype version are discussed below.

Better touch-friendly UI

Skype 7 is touch screen friendly. It has an improved user interface that enables it to offer better experience during instant messaging and video-chatting.

Compact mode

‘Skype is eating up the screen space’ was a frequent complaint that users of older Skype versions raised. Well, Microsoft is determined to shut the mouth of such complainants. Skype 7 is integrated with compact mode. Launching Skype 7 in compact mode, you can make sure that the application is not eating up your screen space. Currently, the compact mode is in the developing stage. The feature will have its completed form in the final version of Skype 7, which is slated for release shortly.

How to upgrade to Skype 7?

The Skype 7 upgrade is made available for free. If you are using an older version of Skype on your PC, work out the following steps to upgrade to the latest Skype version (Skype 7).

  • Launch Skype by double-clicking the Skype shortcut icon you have created on your desktop. If you don’t have a Skype
    Skype Users On Windows

           Skype For Windows Platforms

    shortcut menu, go to the Start button and choose All Programs followed by Skype from the resulting menu.

  • When the application is launched, go to the View option. You can find the option to upgrade your Skype version there. There is yet another method.
  • Go to the Tools menu and select Options followed by IM Settings options.

If you are accessing Skype from a touch screen device, there are better options to adjust the screen size or customize the application. The Skype 7’s touch screen interface lets you slide a screen around the alternative window without using a mouse given that you have kept a webpage open on the desktop screen.

Ever since the acquisition of Skype, Microsoft has been rolling out new features and frequent updates to the application. According to a recent update in Windows help page, the tech giant is trying to make Skype world’s number one instant messaging application by offering extensive support for the application.

Windows 10 Leaked Build 9901 Shows Several Unannounced Features

Windows Help

             Windows 10 Preview

The latest leak of Windows 10 shows that the new OS will contain some features which Microsoft is yet to announce. Many companies don’t like the fact of people knowing before they’re told of this, but Microsoft doesn’t seem to be one of them. Executive Gabe Aul said they were okay with this, and don’t mind users getting their hands on the OS before it’s made officially available.

According to Aul, this simply shows that many people are eager to try out Windows 10, and that is essentially a good thing. Although, he did state that official builds are more reliable for installing on primary PCs. Even the latest leak has a bug in it, and the company has warned this might preclude further Windows Insider updates in the future. But if users are OK with having to install an official build later on top of what they have now, this isn’t much of a problem. Also, the Windows Help features might not work optimally in the leaked build.

The leaked build is being called 9901, and it gives a peek at what future customers of the official Windows 10 build can expect. The prominent feature is that it looks and feels a lot like older Windows platforms, unlike Windows 8, which eschewed those visual aspects in favor of the tactile layout. Windows 10 won’t have any of the tiles, and will be reinstating the much popular Start menu. The Windows Help features will also be easier to handle.

Official Windows 10

             Windows 10 Leak

Then there’s the Cortana visual assistant, which functions similarly to the Apple Siri. Cortana has been available on Windows Phone 8.1 since the mobile OS came out. Another feature that Windows 10 comes with is the new Xbox app, to make Gameplay a better experience than it has been until now. Using the new app, players can easily share their Xbox games with contacts, as well as information including achievements and other settings.

The consumer preview of Windows 10 will be brought out on January 21st, at a company event the week after the consumer electronics show. Microsoft executives have also said they will be revealing the release date for the final launch. The wait is trying for many users who want to leave Windows 8 behind, and also for those who wish to see the former performance of Windows platforms restore.

Doing Date Calculations In Windows Calculator

Windows Help

     Windows 7 Date Calculation

Being able to calculate dates is something that a lot of people want. There’s no common device for this, and your normal calculator doesn’t have this feature. But if you happen to be using a Windows 7 PC, date calculation just got a whole lot easier. The native calculator application comes with this feature built in, because Windows 7 is that good. You don’t see many Windows help posts about useful stuff like this, because most people consider it trivial.

Go to the Windows start menu and type in calculator, and click on the first result that comes up. Go to View and choose Date Calculation. Alternately, use the Ctrl+E key combo. If you want to find the number of days, months, and years between two dates, such as the number of days you’ve lived, then go to the From field and enter the older date. This will have the current date before you enter something else.

The calendar dropdown is easy to operate, and it lets you zoom out and choose the year or the decade as well. You just need to click on the period title to pan out to a larger one. Now enter or select the other date for the To field. Or you can simply choose the Today option at the bottom of the calendar. Hit the Calculate button to get the time between these two dates. You can get this in the years, months, and days format. For example: 24 years, 8 months, 4 days.

Windows 7 Calculator

           Windows 7 Calculator Tips

Another thing you can do is find what date it is after a specific number of days have passed. For this, you can use the Add or subtract days to a specified date option. This one has a From field for the date you do know, and selection list with Add and Subtract options. Fill the former and pick one of the latter. Now enter the number of years, months, and days you wish to throw in or take out. Then hit the Calculate button. The result will be shown as a date, and what day of the week it falls on. For example: Saturday, 29th December, 2012.

Having a native application feature which lets you do this can be very useful at times. Read through other posts to find helpful Windows help tips and guidelines. Also find more on the Windows 7 calculator, and other programs.

Windows XP Support Is No More, But The OS Is Still Popular Among Users

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            Windows Help And Support

There will not be many, who do not know what happened with the old OS, Windows XP. Windows XP was one of the best operating systems that were present for over a decade. The old OS has been removed from the Microsoft supported products. The software giant provides support for all their products and there is definite time period, for which each product is supported by the software maker. Windows XP, like all Microsoft developed software, had a life span. This is known as the lifecycle of software. Windows XP outlived its own life span by living well over a decade, actually 13 years.

Windows XP end of support means, the Windows XP users will not be receiving Windows help and support, technical assistance, security packages, feature updates and many other things. Actually, the OS is dead as far as the software company is concerned. This is rightly so, because it was around for so long and the company needs to encourage more users to move on to advanced, modern operating systems like Windows 8.

Windows XP was removed from the supported list mainly because the company has to look to the future. The company is trying to unify the operating systems across various devices. This can only happen if the users move on to Windows 8. Windows 8 is modeled after Windows Phone OS and is optimized for touch friendly systems. Windows XP is a good OS, but it is outdated when compared to the features available in today’s operating systems. Windows 8 offers a variety of quality features making it more attractive, fast and trendy.

Windows Phone

            Windows Support

Windows XP has had its glorious time in the past and like all things made has to end some day. This is the rule of modernity and advancement. Windows XP was an aberration living so long, longer than any operating system in the history of Microsoft. The world’s best OS of the past has to give way to new and advanced operating systems of the future.

Windows 8 and future operating systems has many features making your OS experience much better. Moreover, using Windows XP is not at all safe for the users as well as others. Windows XP is like beacon for all the hackers as they are targeting the OS to bombard all the malicious codes in XP powered systems. No Windows help and support anymore; so, why continue using it. Move on!