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If you do not already know, recent rumors state that the Windows 10 operating system will be released for public preview on October 30, 2014. However, this release is only for the PC version and no updates are available about the release dates for Windows 10 OS for Windows RT devices. However, it is confirmed that Microsoft will be pushing for the review sometime in the first quarter of 2015.

As we know, the Threshold ARM preview will enable Windows powered tablets like Surface RT and Surface 2 to test out the new features of the brand new Modern User Interface that Windows 10 boasts. The preview will also be available for Windows Phone devices apart from the support for Windows RT tablets.

Windows Threshold has several interesting features, biggest one being the first ever cloud powered operating system. This means, unlike previous OS versions, Windows Threshold will receive updates constantly, like in Microsoft Azure and Office 365. Instead of periodical update cycle that Windows used to experience, Windows 10 will get updates that are more frequent in nature. Moreover, these updates will be available for both desktops and Windows mobile devices.

What are the implications of this? For one, Windows Threshold could be the last major version for Windows for a long while. According to the latest update scheme, no further Windows OS versions will be released. That means, instead of Windows 10 and Windows 11, users will be receiving all new features on the Threshold OS itself. As can be observed, this is a major development for Windows OS and will hope to entice a whole legion of Windows users who felt betrayed by the Windows 8 OS. Contact our Windows help department for a detailed description of cloud-based OSs.

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This leaves a number of questions, for example, whether Windows new update schedule will be subscription based. Rumors are that Windows 10 will be free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. However, there are no leads on finding the pricing scheme of the all new operating system.

There are several rumors afloat, from making Windows OS a yearly service pack to labeling a fee on all future update packs. Some rumors even suggest that certain features will be disabled by Windows during free use, and instead, will charge in return for providing the service.

At present, there are no leads on the pricing scheme of Windows 9 OS. Windows users will have to anxiously wait for the public release in order to know all the features about the OS in detail. Contact our Windows help desk for more details.

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Technical Advantages Of Windows OS And Linux OS

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           Windows vs Linux

Linux is a POISX -Compliant operating system for computers that is developed and assembled based on the open source software policy of development and distribution. You can see that Linux Kernel happens to be the major defining component that was launched into the market on October 5, 1991.

The technical operating environment known as Windows was initially launched on November 20, 1985. One of the greatest advantages of using the Windows operating systems for your computers is that you can make use of Windows help to rectify even the slightest of the most recurring technical issues. Read along to know more about the major advantages of Windows OS and Linux OS.

Windows Vs Linux

Even though a vast range of Linux variants are technically much advanced than the list of Windows variants, users still find it much convenient to work on computers with Windows OS. One of the main reasons behind this fact is that the Windows operating system is found to be much more user friendly than Linux.

Linux Kernel

             Microsoft Windows

At the same time, Linux operating systems also have an upper hand when compared to Windows OS. Computers with Linux OS can run effectively for months and even years without being rebooted. Windows has a much bigger range of specific software when compared to the Linux software that is built for different games and important utilities. Most of the games, utilities and important software programs from the house of Linux are open source programs. It is an interesting fact that complex computer programs such as Gimp, Star Office and Open Office are available free of cost. Adding to that, Linux is believed to be the most secure operating system when compared to Microsoft Windows.

The variants of Linux are open source and you will be able to make appropriate modifications to the codes as per your requirements. One of the most striking advantages of the Microsoft Windows operating system is that there is a dedicated Windows help section. The Windows help section will enable you to resolve all technical issues associated with online documentations and other system based functionalities.

Ultimately, we can see that both Microsoft Windows and Linux are having numerous advantageous features that can provide us with a smooth and hassle free computing experience.

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The Advantages Of Windows Live Calls

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Windows Live Messenger

Are you looking forward to customizing your media files or to synchronize your computer and Windows phone? Then you can certainly use the Windows help option to get the job done.

The Windows Live Call feature was previously an integral part of the Windows Live services. The Windows Live Call feature later got integrated with Live Messenger and people were able to make PC-to-PC calls. The best part is that you can also synchronize your PC with phone calls and video calls. The Windows help wizard will enable you to configure advanced phone call settings to your PC. Read along to know more about the subject. You can use the Windows Live Call feature to make three types of calls.

Computer call

One of the best advantages is that you can make free computer calls to people listed in your Windows Live Messenger contacts.

Video call

You can use the Windows help wizard to make free video calls to people who belong to any location, provided they are on your Windows Live Messenger list.

Phone call

Most people prefer to make free PC to PC phone calls. This is because they do not have to fear about the mammoth sized telephone bills that are generated by using the conventional phone network. At the same time, some VoIP service providers will levy a minimal amount of money for providing their call services.

Windows Live Messenger phone

VoIP Service

Windows Live Messenger Phone

Windows Live phone happens to be two-line phone system. It is the first line that is plugged inside a wall jacket that is almost the same as that of a conventional land phone. The second line of the Windows Live Messenger phone will be inside a USB connection that will be connected to your computer. The charger of the phone will always be connected to the PC. On the other hand, the Windows Live Messenger handsets are wireless. This will provide you with more mobility as you will be able to carry the phone inside your rooms or offices. There is no doubt that the major advantage of the Windows Live Messenger phone s is that you can always make less expensive calls.

Verizon was the initial service provider for the Windows free PC-to-PC telephone facility. Other major service providers who were paired with Windows Live Messenger are Bell Canada, LG Dacom, Chief Telecom and NTT. In the near future, we can expect enhanced technical features that will help us to enjoy improved communication facilities.

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Make The Most Of Windows Taskbar With The Help Of These Shortcuts

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          Windows 8.1 Features

The ability to pin apps to the taskbar is one of the best features in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The feature of pinning apps to the taskbar was of great help until the Microsoft refreshed the latest Operating system with a better Start Menu. The go-location is meant for switching programs and dealing with them, making it the most clicked location on the desktop. Look for Windows help on the official website to know more on the different features. Systemic context Press the Shift key and right click on the taskbar to open the context menu of Windows 8.1. To give a program a specific context menu, Microsoft keeps changing the menu accordingly when you do a right click on the app. Nevertheless, to get a more system-side option, you need to press the Shift key before you do a right click. When a program is open, you will find options to adjust the window according to your preferences. Pick by number When you have apps pinned to the taskbar, you will be able to open or switch to the program without even having to use the mouse. It is very easy, you just need to press the Windows key on the keyboard and press the number at which the app is placed. For instance, if your Netflix app is pinned third in the taskbar, to open it, you just need to press the Windows Key and the number One.

This shortcut can also be used with the apps that are currently open but not pinned to the taskbar. But if you have more than ten apps pinned, this feature does not work. For the tenth app, you should be using the number 10, but with a double digit app, this

Start Menu

         Windows 8.1 Drivers

feature does not work. Spotlight Therefore, you might be wondering what if you have about 15 apps open and how you would switch among them. Here is another trick, make use of the combination Win Key+T, this will let you skim through various apps that are open. When you scroll through these apps, there will be a spotlight at the bottom, telling you where you are currently. For example if you have highlighted the app to paint, when you look at the bottom of the screen, you will find a spotlight on the same app. With these apps included, Windows 8.1 is a great operating system to work with. Nevertheless, the sad part is that the Start menu is yet to be included with Windows 8.1. You can get Windows help for all the apps and features of Windows 8.1 by contacting our tech support desk.

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Access Windows And Mac OS Using Parallels Access Remote Desktop App

Android 4.0

   Parallels support to Windows

Parallels has finally released its Parallels Access Remote Desktop app for Android. This news is good for both Mac and Windows users as they will be able to access Windows and Mac application on their Android based smartphones and tablets. This is achieved by using an online connection to remotely access and manipulate the apps and files that are present on your computer present at work or home. You can contact our Windows help employees to know more about the features of this App.

Parallels earlier provided such access to iOS app on iPhone and recently made the jump to Android platform. Apart from this, Parallels have also reduced the annual subscription rate to $19.99/year. When the app was released less than a year ago, the app was priced at around $79.99/year, which was later brought down to $49.99/year.

This new app is much more complicated and provides more features than its predecessor version. Parallels Access was the only way to use Microsoft’s productivity app, Microsoft Office in the iPad tablet device. However, now that Microsoft has unveiled Office for iPad, users would prefer to use this official app to this lesser known platform.

However, Parallels Access 2.0 has several features that enable it to run not only Microsoft Office, but several other apps on their mobile device. In comparison to Microsoft app, which charges $69.99/year and $99.99/year depending on Office 365 subscription plan, Parallels Access is available at a much lower price. This subscription limits the user to certain applications inside the Microsoft Office suite alone.

Windows help

              Windows programs accessible from Android

The user interface of the Android app is much similar to the iPad version of Parallels Access and is designed to gel with the Android platform. However, in the Android version, there is a feature, using which you can quickly create shortcut for individual Mac or Windows apps on the Android home screen.

For business systems, Parallels has an entirely different pricing and management options. The multiple-user account for companies provide access to up to five computers for just $49.99/year and these business systems can even avail a free trial offer.

The Android version app runs on all mobile phones that are running on Android 4.0 or later versions. To remotely access the files on your computer, you need to run the Parallels Access Agent on your desktop system. Contact our Windows help team, if you need any help with configuring this App.

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